Welcome to Instructional Strategies and Technology!

This is an online course for teachers who want to improve their classroom instruction. We're glad you've decided to participate in this exciting and challenging learning experience. The goal of this course is to help teachers improve student achievement by implementing research-based instructional strategies supported by the effective use of technology. During this course you will:
  • study research-based instructional strategies and how they can improve teaching and learning.
  • explore and use a variety of technology tools to support the instructional strategies.
  • identify and apply appropriate technology tools for specific instructional strategies.
  • determine ways in which the strategies and technologies can be implemented in classroom practice.
  • share your insights and document your learning using online tools.

Why Instructional Strategies and Technology?
Does the way you teach have an impact on student learning? Absolutely! Researchers Robert Marzano, Debra Pickering, and Jane Pollock from McREL conducted a meta-analysis of hundreds of published studies to find out what works best in terms of classroom instruction. Their results are nine proven instructional strategies that have a positive impact on student achievement when used in any content area or at any grade level. You likely already use many of these strategies in your teaching. In this course, you will combine each strategy with an online tool for even greater impact. When aligned with these strategies, technology helps you teach more effectively and truly engage digital-age learners in meaningful ways.


This course was designed and developed collaboratively by Calhoun ISD and Wayne County RESA.

Jacki Campbell
Instructional Technology Consultant
Wayne RESA
Andy Mann
Instructional Technology Consultant
Muskegon Area ISD
Carol Mayer
Instructional Technology Consultant
Wayne RESA