Week 1 - Learn the Strategies (4-5 hours) (Jacki)
  • Videos for viewing the strategy in the classroom - best practices.Overview video, maybe someone like Joyce or Bob Marzano overview
  • Readings
  • Share what they are currently doing to implement the strategies
  • Activity to understand the strategies

Week 2 - WikiSpaces - may serve as a personal portfolio of examples of what they learn (Carol)
  • Learn what wikis are
  • See examples of wikis
  • Create a wiki - to hold examples of their work
  • Have a defined structure of what pages will be called (options: strategy, week, tool)
  • Post to the group wiki (this is the collaborative part)

Week 3 - Rubistar & Google Forms (Jacki) (Andy)
  • Create and save a rubic (upload a copy of the rubric - Excel or Word or .pdf)
  • Create a Google account and create a survey - e.g. assess prior knowledge (link to the survey)

Week 4 - Creately & Intel Tools (Andy)
  • Create a mind map or graphical organizer; embed in your wiki
  • Explore these three tools. Answer questions about how one or more of these tools could be used to support specific strategies.
Week 5 - Google Docs (summarizing, notetaking, collaborative learning) (Jacki)
  • Divide into groups, one person would be the organizer
  • Watch a video, e.g. TED videos (each one different), and summarize the key ideas into a group page. Add link to the video. Add a photo (optional.)
Week 6 - Nonlinguistic - Images or other visual representations to support learning (Andy)
  • PhotoPeach to create a project (Flickr, Lib of Congress, etc.)
  • Projects: introduce a new topic, report back understanding of a topic, document a classroom event (e.g. a fieldtrip), story starter
  • Explore - some different sites for resources (choices for free images)
  • Mention other alternatives: Prezi, TimeToast, Google Earth, PhotoStory, etc.
  • Embed into the wiki
Week 7 - Create a Graph (hypothesis) & Quizlet (homework practice) (Carol)
  • Create a Quizlet account and create a voculary quiz with at least 5 terms which you have added.
  • Create a graph and save as a .jpg and upload into your wiki
Week 8 - Voicethread (summarizing & notetaking) & BigHugeLabs (3 hours) (Jacki) (Carol)
Week 9 - Final Project - Apply strategies/tools in a lesson (3 hours)
  • Select one - two different tools and which support one or more strategies. Save examples to your wiki. You can select the tools/strategies which best fit what you are teaching. This should not be an "add on", but something which you can integrate into what you are already doing, which will improve instruction.