Big Huge Labs provides a collection of free tools for turning digital images into magazine covers, posters, puzzles, trading cards and many other items. No registration is required, so you and your students can download your creations without having to provide an email address. If, however, you do want to save your work online to access it later, there is an option for educators to create an ad-free account. All a teacher has to do is a create a free account and upload proof of their profession. The teacher can then start creating/uploading student accounts. Once this is done, each student will get a unique ID and password and can then save their creations online.

Connections to Strategies

  • Reinforcing Effort & Providing Recognition - create motivational posters to be displayed in the classroom; create a magazine cover or movie poster featuring the Student of the Week; make trading cards featuring those who have achieved great things through perseverance
  • Nonlinguistic Representation - create a magazine cover demonstrating understanding of a key concept or a unit of study; create a movie poster supporting a narrative writing assignment; students create a movie poster illustrating a persuasive writing assignment
  • Summarizing - students summarize what they've learned using the Trading Card Maker
  • Homework and Practice - use Trading Card Maker to create review cards including a picture of an object and the words/definitions/meaning
  • Cooperative Learning - students work together to gather photos to put into Mosaic Maker

Learn about Big Huge Labs

Picture Perfect: Make Your Own Motivational Posters - read this article about one educator's experience using Big Huge Labs.

Then watch the following video:

Activity - Use Big Huge Labs to Reinforce Effort or Provide Recognition

Download Step-by-Step Instructions - BigHugeLabs.pdf
  1. After watching the video, "Using Big Huge Labs," go to Big Huge Labs website.
  2. Click on Motivator to create a motivational poster. You may choose to make a different product if you want to - the basic steps are the same.
  3. Upload your image. EFFORT_Poster.jpg
  4. Complete all of the information required, and click on Create.
  5. Save your creation to your computer.
  6. Upload the poster (or other item you created) to your Reinforcing Effort & Providing Recognition page.
  7. Below your image, explain how your creation could be used to reinforce effort or provide recognition. How else might you use the Big Huge Labs tools in your classroom?


Explore A Dozen Back to School Uses for Big Huge Labs Trading Card Generator.

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A site similar to Big Huge Labs with many special effects. Be warned, this site has so many fun effects you can get lost spending time here. If you upload a photo of a student, make sure that you check the " Do not publish the photo to the Faces section of the website." This site is easy to save or get embed code to use a photo you create.