Glogster is an online poster/web page creation tool. Users can include text, images (uploaded or links from the web), video, and audio to create an interactive online poster. It has an easy to master interface which allows for a lot of fun creativity. The edu. version of the site allows up to 200 students to be managed under a teacher account. Glogs can be linked or embed into your wiki or other online site. Teachers may introduce Glogster using this group project, however it's real strength is when students create glogs to demonstrate mastery of learning. Rather than create a poster or another PowerPoint presentation they create an interactive glog.

Connections to Strategies

Learn about Glogster EDU

Traci Blazosky's Google Docs Tutorial - much of the same information but text is easier to read

Activity - Use Glogster as an Advanced Organizer

Step-by-Step Instructions - Glogster.pdf
    1. This will be a brainstorming activity which could be a part of a K-W-L activity. This would be the K - what do they know about a topic.
    2. Start by creating a free account in Edu.Glogster
    3. Create a glog and add text boxes to record information. Add images. You can use your own images or find them on the Internet. A list of website where you can find copyright free images can be found at: Images and Sounds.pdf
    4. As appropriate, these ideas may be moved into different areas of the screen and the symbols recolored to visually organize similar ideas.
    5. You have an option to add other elements as you want. When finished, the glog may be embedded into the Cues, Questions, and Advanced Organizer
      page on your wiki.


    1. Add hyperlinks, images, sounds or video to the list. It's amazingly easy to add multimedia.
    2. Have your students create their glog and use it to demonstrate understanding of a topic.
    3. Embed examples of student glogs to your wiki.

Similar Tools


Free account requires log in but no email validation. Free account has limitations such as not being able to load you own images, but is easy to master and provides collaboration options.

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