Google Docs is a free, web-based, collaborative word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and form application. Google Docs allows you to create, store, and share in a secure, real-time environment. To use Google Docs, you must have a Google account (free).

Connections to Strategies

Summarizing & Note Taking - students can type notes directly into Google Docs and then have access at home
Cooperative Learning - students can work together on the very same document
Homework - teachers can share documents with students to be completed at home

Learn About Google Docs Access to YouTube is required to watch these videos.

Activity - Using Google Documents for Cooperative Learning

Step-by-Step Instructions: GoogleDocs.pdf
  1. Log into Google Docs using the name and password created during the face-to-face session
  2. Click on the document titled "Presidents" that is being shared with all participants in this course
  3. Follow the instructions at the top of the document.
  4. Create or upload your own document (or spreadsheet) and share it with the course facilitator(s).
  5. On your Cooperative Learning page, describe your experience with Google Docs. Is this something you would use with students? What questions or challenges do you have with this tool?