Google Forms

Tool Name (e.g. Google Documents) and URL

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Connections to Strategies

Summarizing (will be linked) - short description...
Collaborative Learning
List the strategies - with short description behind each on how it can be used to support this specific strategy. Note: eeach strategy will be linked to a page which tells more about the strategy.

Learn about the tool

  1. Watch the QuickTake Tutorial – What are Google Forms -
  2. Read the blog post about Integrating Google Forms in your classroom -
  3. Consider how a Google Form can be used to access students’ prior knowledge. Do we want to have them share these ideas somewhere?
    • Design and use a Google Form with your students
    • Paste a picture of the show summary of responses to your wiki (can use 30 day trial of SnagIt or Jing or Print Screen and paste into Word; we’ll have to teach them whatever we select.)
  4. Additional Resources:
    • Understanding the purpose of Google Forms - May use some of the resources pasted under the section “Additional Resources”
  5. Google Forms Templates -

Your Assignment - Using Google Documents for Summarizing

Specific steps. What must be turned in and to where

Similar Tools

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