Homework & Practice


Homework and practice give students the chance to deepen their understanding of content and to gain proficiency with their skills. It also allows them to practice and review what they have learned outside the classroom. Despite its benefits, homework remains controversial. Research shows that the amount of homework assigned should vary by grade level and that parent involvement should be minimal. Teachers should clearly explain the purpose of the homework to both the student and the parent, and teachers should try to give feedback on all homework assigned.

Read and Reflect

  1. Read about Homework and Practice from the Northwest Educational Technology Consortium.
  2. Go to the Read and Reflect section on your Homework & Practice wiki page. Describe how you are currently implementing this strategy in your classroom with or without technology. Then share new insights or ideas you gained from this reading.

Apply and Reflect

  1. Learn about Quizlet and how it can be used for homework and practice.
  2. Complete the Apply and Reflect section on your Homework & Practice wiki page. Show evidence that you completed the activity and share ways this tool is applicable to your curriculum.