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PhotoPeach allows you to easily use images and music to tell a story. PhotoPeach also allows quizzes
and user comments. Start by defining the goals for the project. Do you want a visual way to communicate a topic? Are you introducing a new topic? Are students trying to demonstrate mastery of a subject? Begin by uploading photos or bringing them in from a website such as Flickr. Arrange them in the right order to tell your story and add your music, special effects such as zooming and captions. Save your project so it can be embedded into a blog, wiki or even Facebook.

Connections to Strategies

Learn about PhotoPeach

8 minute PhotoPeach tutorial from ScreenToaster

Activity - Use PhotoPeach to Visually Introduce a Topic

Download Step-by-Step Instructions - **//PhotoPeach guide.pdf//**
  1. Create a PhotoPeachaccount
  2. Upload photos or use photos from an online site to create a project which could introduce or support curriculum.
  3. Add text and arrange images. Select music or upload your own. A list of website where you can find copyright free images can be found at: Images and Sounds.pdf.
  4. Create your project. View in story mode and spiral views.
  5. Embed this project using "story view" into the NonLinguistic Strategies page of your wiki.
  6. Write a paragraph under your example about ways this tool could be applied to your curriculum.


  1. Students create a PhotoPeach project which tells about an event in their life.
  2. Students create a PhotoPeach project as if they are a soldier writing home about their life in the war or for Michigan history, a person working at a lumber camp. It's easy to find copyright free images to add to the story. For Michigan lumber images, visit this site.

Similar Tools

Google Documents Presentation

Google Documents provides a collection of tools similar to Microsoft Office, but the tools allow collaborative work which is saved online. One of the tools is a presentation tool, similar to MS PowerPoint. This does require a Google account which requires a valid email address to create.

VoiceThread is one of the tools you will explore as part of Summarizing and Note Taking. Like many of these tools, they can be used to support a variety of strategies. VoiceThread is useful for nonlinguistic representation.

Prezi is an online presentation tool. It allows a user to visually present ideas. It has a unique design allowing presenters to present in a format very different from the traditional slide-to-slide presentation format used in PowerPoint. The link takes you to the free student/teacher account site which provides an enhanced version with additional features (no ads, more storage space, privacy options.)

TimeToast is one of the easiest to use online Timeline applications. If a student wanted to document their life in a timeline with images, this easy to use program would be perfect.

Google Earth
Google Earth allows the customization of placemarks with images to tell about a location, tell a story, or even create a timeline about events. Placemarks can include images, video, text, links, and more. For some ideas visit: Google Earth Across the Curriculum

PhotoStory is a free storytelling application which requires the Windows operating system. It's strength is it's simplicity to easily create compelling stories with images, text, audio, and music. Finished stories are saved in Window Media Player format for playback on the computer or uploading to a site such as YouTube.