Quizlet is a free website that lets you make flash cards individually or with a group. The cards can then be shared, reviewed online in a variety of ways, or printed for offline use. In addition to making your own sets of cards, Quizlet also gives you access to a database with millions of flashcards ready for use. The site allows groups to be created, allowing students to work and communicate within their group. It also supports images and audio, however, the images must be on Flickr.

You may be interested to know that Quizlet began in 2005 when the creator, 15 year-old Andrew Sutherland, was given a French assignment to memorize animal names in French. After realizing the daunting task of mechanical memorization, Sutherland sat down to write code for a program to aid him in memorization. These first lines of code were eventually scrapped and then rewritten meticulously over the course of 420 days by Sutherland himself. In January 2007, Quizlet was released to the public and now has an office in San Francisco where its small team of employees work on Quizlet every day.

Connections to Strategies

  • Homework and Practice - use an existing set of flashcards to review vocabulary for a subject; create your own custom set of flashcards related to vocabulary, math facts, important figures in history, etc.
  • Cooperative Learning - students work as a team to collaboratively create a set of flashcards

Learn About Quizlet

Watch the following video to see how Quizlet works:

Read more about Quizlet and see classroom examples.

Activity - Use Quizlet for Homework and Practice

Download Step-by-Step Instructions - Quizlet.pdf
  • Locate and use an existing set of cards. Be aware that the sets are user created (like all things Web 2.0), so might include inaccurate information.
    1. Go to Quizlet.
    2. Click on Find Flashcards at the top of the page.
    3. Select a subject and then a flashcard set appropriate for what you want your students to use.
    4. Within this flashcard set, try each of the different learning modes (only three of these are shown in the video):
  • Create your own original set of at least 10 flashcards. A minimum of three of the cards must created by you, however, the rest may be imported from an existing set.
    1. Create a new user account at Quizlet.
    2. Click on Start Studying or Make Flashcards to create a new flashcard set.
    3. Enter the Title, Subject, and Description.
    4. Set access levels for User and Editors. Users can view the simply view the flashcards and Editors can edit.
    5. Insert the terms and corresponding definitions. Click on the "+" to add additional cards, and on "-" to delete a card.
    6. When you are finished, click on Create Set.
    7. Copy and paste the link to your set into your Homework & Practice page. Share other ways this tool might be applicable to your curriculum.

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