There are four important dates in this course: the date of the opening session and three due dates when online learning modules must be completed. You may work at your own time and pace during each learning module, as long as all assignments are done by their respective due date. Instructors will be reviewing your work at each due date to answer questions and provide feedback. Don't fall behind -- it's easier to stay up than catch up!

Opening Session - April 19

Wayne RESA, 4:30-7:30pm, refreshments served

Module 1 - must be completed by May 10

Objectives & Feedback
Effort & Recognition
Similarities & Differences

Module 2 - must be completed by May 31

Cues, Questions, Advance Organizers
Summarizing & Note Taking
Cooperative Learning

Module 3 - must be completed by June 25

Homework & Practice
Nonlinguistic Representation
Generating & Testing Hypotheses

Implementation Plan